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24 Hours to Closing!

Alright so, I said I'm closing 12/30 because I wanted to make sure nobody would try to buy at 11:59pm on 12/31 and end up mad.

I'm actually going to close my shop tomorrow, 12/31/22, whenever I wake up and feel like shutting it down. Probably around 8am EST.

I just really don't want to have somebody buy a ton of strings after midnight on New Years and make me have to deal with taxes and business licensing and stuff for another year, but I'm also not gonna sit at my desk waiting to shut down my shop right at midnight. I have friends, and a life, believe it or not 😅 So at midnight tomorrow, I'll be busy eating pigs in blankets and drinking punch. So I'm shutting down my website sometime before that.

Just wanted to give y'all a heads up, that if you haven't made any last-minute orders you still have a little time.

I have been absolutely blown away by the insane amount of orders and all the love and support that has come in since I announced I'd be closing my shop, and I really appreciate you all. Especially you folks who subscribed to my blog to stay updated, y'all are the best. It always makes my day when I see familiar names come in, you people who keep coming back as repeat customers, because that means you like my stuff enough to buy more and that's pretty cool. I notice that, and I appreciate it. And people submitting reviews and messages like "No you can't leave, we love your strings!" really makes me smile, I'm so glad I've been able to provide something of value for you for the past few years.

It's crazy to think about this whole journey. I started Bad Wolfe Co making paracord stuff, things like dog toys and leashes, bracelets, that kind of thing. I designed my paracord yoyo holster for a different string maker back in the day, Cody @ Lifeline Strings, before I even knew this marvelous hobby even existed, and he gave me my first unresponsive yoyo. A TopYo Impulse, which I still have and play sometimes. When he quit making strings, I was starting up, and he gave me some tips and advice. I wouldn't be here without him. Then Bradd over at Circle City, bought my strings to go with the Warbird and later the Warhawk. Again, wouldn't be here without him supporting me and getting my strings in hundreds of yoyoers' hands. Then later Zero Gravity Return Tops, then GWAY Throws, Throwing Sideways, OP Yoyos, B-Grade Yoyos, I worked with so many cool people and I appreciate them all a ton. And you all.

OK enough of that, this is devolving into a rambling reminiscing farewell post lol. Long story short, you've got 24 hours if you want any more string. I'm happy to refund shipping and combine orders if you already have an order and want to add more. I appreciate you all, and the actual sappy "OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS BYE" post will come tomorrow 😜

- Michael

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