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Champion and Gladiator Pre-order!

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Hey folks! I'm doing a pre-order for dyed Slicc strings now until June 5, 2021.

I have done two runs of dyed Slicc strings so far, and both sold out within a week. Also in both runs, I only produced Goldilocks thickness because those are my most popular thickness strings. So this time, I want to offer Slimm and Dummy Thicc as well!

Honestly, the main reason I haven't done Slimm or Dummy Thicc yet is because I don't know how well they'll sell. I could make a batch of 100 and they all sell out in a day, or they could sit in a box for a year, never selling until I eventually give them away to a friend. So I figured a pre-order is the perfect solution: I know exactly how many packs people want, so I won't have a bunch of unsold extras laying around, and if a bunch of people want them then I won't be sold out! Win-win.

If you missed the last two drops, I have two colorway options: Champion, which is a somewhat pale neon yellow, and Gladiator, which is a light neon green. Both of these colorways are highly visible, and both are reactive to UV/blacklight.

Unfortunately, I could never find neon nylon thread for making strings, so I have to make plain white strings then dye them to get these neon colors. This requires a lot of extra time and work, which is why these cost more. Personally I believe the result is worth it, but if you're put off by the price you can try Abominable Snowman, which is pure white and is UV reactive without the cost of the extra dyeing process.

If you're not familiar with my thickness options, here's a quick rundown: Slimm is a thinner string, great for responsive yoyos or yoyos with a smaller string gap. Dummy Thicc is a chunky string, so if you like throwing rope this string is for you. Goldilocks is so-named because of the story of the three bears: Goldilocks tried one bowl of porridge that was too cold, then another that was too hot, then finally the third bowl was just right. Likewise the first bed was too soft, the second bed was too hard, but the third bed was just right. For most people, Goldilocks thickness string is just right: not too thick, not too thin.

A lot of this info is available in the listings for strings, but I just wanted to share the most important bits here. Let me know if you have any questions or need anything from me, and I hope that everyone who wants these has a chance to get in.


- Michael

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