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Charity Auction and Special Colorway

As you may have seen in my previous post, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This is a cause that is near to my heart, as I have several friends and family members who have experienced abuse of one form or another. Honestly, based on the statistics you probably have friends or family who are dealing with this too, whether you know it or not. It's way more common than I ever realized before researching this topic, and frankly it's disgusting.

I'm currently running an auction on my Instagram to support Domestic Violence Awareness Month, selling a prototype yoyo I made with Throwing Sideways. I don't know if this yoyo will ever go into production and there are only 12 in the world, so if you're interested go check out my Instagram @badwolfeco. The current bid as of writing this is $150, which is honestly way higher than I thought it would ever go but I'm excited to see people turn out to support a good cause this month. 100% of the money will go to charity.

But maybe you're saying to yourself, "Hey I'd like to support the charity cause, but $150 is a bit rich for my blood." Well, you're in luck! I just posted a new colorway on my site called "DVAM Purple" (DVAM = Domestic Violence Awareness Month) and 100% of the proceeds from that colorway will go to charity as well! Just to be clear, when I say 100% I mean like the entire amount I receive will go to charity, I'm not keeping any to cover my expenses or anything like that. So if you pay $8 for a pack of Goldilocks thickness, the amount that goes to charity will be like $7.80 or something, there's a transaction fee for the credit card company but every cent that comes through to me will be funneled directly to a domestic violence charity, currently TBD. Last year I donated to a local charity here in Chattanooga but this year I'd like to find one that's more nationwide, and I'll announce that when I figure out which charity to support this year.

I hope you enjoy this! And of course if you don't like this yoyo or this string colorway then feel free donating directly to the charity of your choice. I also included a bit of pink in this colorway because October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I think most people focus on breast cancer and don't realize it's also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so I want to focus more on that, but also I don't want us to forget that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is still a thing. These two important causes can coexist and should both be supported!

Anyway, sorry for posting this kind of late at night but it's when I had the chance to write this up. Hope y'all are having a good evening!

  • Michael

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