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I'm back!

Bad Wolfe Co is back open!

It's been a wild couple of months. Went out of town for my grandma's 90th birthday, then got COVID so I couldn't work for a couple weeks until I tested negative. Then went on vacation with my wife for a week, then when I got back I was working with my dad at his business for a couple of weeks and didn't have time for making strings. So, I'm sorry the shop has been closed for so long, but I'm back and I don't expect to go on vacation or anything any time soon.

Hope y'all are having a great start to autumn, and keep an eye out for the limited "Friday the 13th" colorways which are only available on Fridays that fall on the 13th and during the week of Halloween!

Also, I'm going to do a charity raffle to support Domestic Violence Awareness Month, raffling off a yoyo prototype that I haven't officially announced yet, so keep an eye on my Instagram in case I forget to post about it here. There are only 12 of this yoyo in existence, and I don't know if it will ever go into production since it was going to be a collab with Throwing Sideways but he's taking a break from making yoyos for a while. This very well may be the only one of "Michael's Perfect Yoyo" ever made available since Will and I are each keeping a few and we gave a few to some of our personal friends. That should be up on my Instagram in the next day or two, and the raffle will run all through October.

Have a great evening! (or day if you're reading this any time other than right as I write it lol)

- Michael

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