We’re open!

Hey folks!

After a much needed vacation, Bad Wolfe Co is back open. I would normally post this to Instagram, but Facebook and all the apps it owns (including Instagram) are down today.

This has really made me think about how much I use social media. I use Instagram any time I want to share some info about the shop or get news out to customers. Plus I use it a lot personally, even outside of business. I don't like the fact that one server going down can effectively shut off communication between myself and my customers. So I'm going to focus more on this blog and my email list, and spend a bit less time on Instagram in the future. I know there are some people who only follow me there and won't sign up here, but I just really don't like relying on Instagram so much, especially since I'm not the biggest fan of Facebook and their privacy policies. It's kind of ironic that I started this website so I wouldn't have to rely on Etsy and their ever-changing fees and terms, but I still rely on Facebook for communication.

So if you want to keep up to date with my shop news, be sure to follow the blog and sign up for emails so I can keep in touch. I'll still post to Instagram, obviously I'm not going to abandon a following of hundreds of people. But I'm going to start posting here first, so if you follow the blog you'll get info a bit sooner than Instagram.

That is, if they ever get Instagram's servers back up! 😆

Thanks for reading this. Have a great day!

- Michael

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