Booster Pack - 12 Random Strings

Booster Pack - 12 Random Strings

Not sure what color you want? Just an indecisive person? Make me choose for you! 

This is a great way to get a variety of colors and a discount! For the price of a 10-pack, you'll get 12 strings in 6-12 random colors. I'll try not to give anyone duplicates, depending on what I have in stock, but you'll never receive more than 2 of a single colorway. You might get prototypes and unused colorways, or just extras that I have on hand. This is only available in Goldilocks thickness, since that's my most popular thickness and I don't usually have spares of other thicknesses on hand. You can choose Plushh, Slicc, or 50/50 which will get you six of each. 

Bad Wolfe Co. Plushh string is made to be soft and comfortable, yet whippy to easily handle slack tricks. It's a polyester/nylon blend with vibrant colors and a premium feel. Bad Wolfe Co. Slicc string is pure nylon, which has a slick feel and is extremely whippy. If you've never tried pure nylon before, it will feel wildly different from what you're used to! It's high-performance, extremely long-lasting and a ton of fun! 

Each string is roughly 58" long. There may be small variance, from around 57.5" to 58.5", as these are handmade and each string is unique. 

Check my other listings to see all the colorways I currently offer. If you want a different colorway, such as a colorway to match your yoyo, let me know and I can get new colors to suit your needs.