100% nylon yoyo string handmade in Chattanooga, TN. You can choose between a 5-pack or 10-pack when you add this item to your shopping cart. 

When I set out to make nylon yoyo strings, I found myself somewhat restricted in color options. Since I couldn't find any neon nylon thread, I decided to dye my own! Champion was the first neon Slicc colorway I introduced, and I'm happy to have it restocked for a limited time! 

Champion is a pale neon yellow, with great visibility without being too "in-your-face" bright. This string looks amazing under a blacklight! 

While most of my products are made-to-order, the dyeing process is very time and labor intensive so these strings will be stocked as I'm able to make them and cannot be custom ordered. Expect a drop once every couple of months, since I can't set aside the time to make batches very often. 

This string is incredibly whippy, perfect for lacerations. The 100% nylon formula makes this string incredibly long-lasting, but it's also very slick and can feel like it's going to slip off your finger. If you're not used to pure nylon strings, be careful when you're trying it out for the first time since it feels very different from polyester or other strings. The dyeing process makes these even softer than normal Slicc strings, and these dyed strings feel almost like normal Sliccs that have been broken in a little bit. 

The dyeing process causes some shrinking, so these strings are a few inches shorter than my normal Slicc strings. Each string is roughly 50" long. There may be some variance, as these are handmade and each string is unique. They will stretch out a bit through use, and Slicc strings tend to vary a little more than the polyester/nylon blend due to the stretchiness of the nylon. 

Check my other listings to see all the colorways I currently offer. If you want a different colorway, such as a colorway to match your yoyo, let me know and I can get new colors to suit your needs.