Findlay Hats Collab Snapback

Findlay Hats Collab Snapback

I've been teasing it for a while, and it's finally here, the Bad Wolfe Co x Findlay collab! I'm so excited to be able to share this with you all. This awesome flat bill hat features the Bad Wolfe Co logo with coordinating color laces to the eyes in the logo!

If you’re never heard of Findlay Hats, you are missing out on my favorite hats. They are so unique and have many great features!

⁃ First, the Findlay stampede laces aren’t just for show! They unwrap and go around your chin to keep your hat secure. I have personally ridden a rollercoaster with the strap on and it did not come off. Check out @findlayforce on Instagram to see some featured pics of their customers surfing, snowboarding and more, these hats are up for any challenge!

⁃ Second, your hat gets damaged? Not a problem with this hat! Even though these are sold on my site, Findlay’s LIFETIME warranty applies, and they will repair or replace damaged hats! Dog chews your hat? No problem! Got your hat all dirty and worn out from wearing it literally everywhere? Let the guys at Findlay know and they'll be happy to help you out!

⁃ Next up, a hidden pocket! Keep your valuables in your hat since it’s not going anywhere with those special laces. I always keep a quarter in mine for impromptu Aldi trips because I'm boring, but it would easily hold cash or a drivers license and credit card for adventures!

I hope y’all love these hats as much as I do! If you wear them on Instagram, make sure to use #badwolfepack so I can feature you on my Instagram or here on my website, and use #findlayforce to share with the rest of the Findlay community.