PRE-ORDER - Champion, Gladiator & Warrior Dyed Slicc
  • PRE-ORDER - Champion, Gladiator & Warrior Dyed Slicc

    THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. This listing will be taken down January 8, 2022 and I will make and dye these strings during the following week. This pre-order is for a 10-pack of hand-dyed 100% nylon yoyo string handmade in Chattanooga, TN. There are three colorway options: Champion, which is a somewhat pale neon yellow, Gladiator, which is a light neon green, and Warrior, a bright neon pink. All of these colorways are highly visible, and are reactive to UV/blacklight. These are the perfect strings for anyone who wants a highly visible string for recording videos or throwing in lower-light conditions. For this pre-order you can select any of my three string thicknesses: Slimm, Goldilocks and Dummy Thicc. Scroll to the last photo above to see a thickness comparison. Slimm is a thinner string, great for responsive yoyos or yoyos with a smaller string gap. Goldilocks is just right, not too thick, not too thin. Dummy Thicc is a chunky string, so if you like throwing rope this string is for you. If you're not sure what thickness you need, Goldilocks is probably the best option. I also offer a sampler pack with two strings of each thickness, so if you're unsure what thickness you need you can check that out in my shop. This string is incredibly whippy, perfect for lacerations. The 100% nylon formula makes this string incredibly long-lasting, but it's also very slick and can feel like it's going to slip off your finger. If you're not used to pure nylon strings, be careful when you're trying it out for the first time since it feels very different from polyester or other strings. The dyeing process makes these even softer than normal Slicc strings, and these dyed strings feel almost like normal Sliccs that have been broken in a little bit. The dyeing process causes some shrinking, so these strings are a few inches shorter than my normal Slicc strings. Each string is roughly 50" long. There may be some variance, as these are handmade and each string is unique. They will stretch out a bit through use, and Slicc strings tend to vary a little more than the polyester/nylon blend due to the stretchiness of the nylon. Check my other listings to see all the colorways I currently offer. If you want a different colorway, such as a colorway to match your yoyo, let me know and I can get new colors to suit your needs.