Slicc Sampler 6-pack

Slicc Sampler 6-pack

6-pack of 100% nylon yoyo string handmade in Chattanooga, TN.

Not sure what thickness of string you'll like? This is the perfect way to try out all three thickness options! This pack comes with two Slimm, two Goldilocks, and two Dummy Thicc strings all in the Daffodil Daydream colorway so you can spend some time with each thickness and decide which you prefer.

This Daffodil Daydream colorway is light yellow. Not your usual neon yellow, but a nice softer yellow, like sunlight pouring through a cottage window in the autumn afternoon. It’s basically the same color as a tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm. 

Slimm is a thinner string, great for responsive yoyos or yoyos with a smaller string gap. Goldilocks is just right, not too thick, not too thin. Dummy Thicc is a chunky string, so if you like throwing rope this string is for you. If you're not sure what thickness you need, Goldilocks is probably the best option. 

This string is made to be soft and comfortable, yet whippy to easily handle slack tricks. 

Each string is roughly 58" long. There may be small variance, from around 57.5" to 58.5", as these are handmade and each string is unique. 

Check my other listings to see all the colorways I currently offer. If you want a different colorway, such as a colorway to match your yoyo, let me know and I can get new colors to suit your needs.