Yoyo Holster
  • Yoyo Holster

    This yoyo holster is designed to fit nearly any modern yoyo and can be customized to match your preferred color scheme. Use the attached carabiner clip to keep your yoyo on our belt loop, or clip it to a backpack to always have your yoyo with you wherever you go!
    Product Specifications:
    This holster is designed to fit most modern competition-style yoyos with a butterfly shape. Let me know if you want this to fit a different shape of yoyo, as I can make the woven section longer or shorter as needed to fit your needs. For example, 4A yoyos will require a larger opening, and some smaller yoyos might require a smaller opening to ensure they stay securely inside the holster. 
    All my paracord products are made from 100% USA made Type-III nylon paracord. The cord I use is high quality paracord with a 7-strand cord and 550lb tensile strength. 
    Yoyos pictured are for size and color examples only. This product is only the holster itself and does not come with a yoyo. 
    This is a complex knotted product, and as such should not be considered a "survival" item since it's very difficult to take apart, and the paracord used is not military-spec. 
    If you like my work, check out my Instagram @badwolfeco where I post pictures of my works-in-progress and new products before they're listed here. You can also find my Facebook page @badwolfeco to see more. 
    Paracord Color Options: (pictured at the end of the product photos above)
    1.	Black
    2.	Charcoal
    3.	Silver Grey
    4.	White
    5.	Cream
    6.	Chocolate Brown
    7.	Burgundy
    8.	Red
    9.	Hot Pink
    10.	Rose Pink
    11.	International Orange
    12.	Bright Orange
    13.	Goldenrod
    14.	Yellow
    15.	Fluorescent Yellow
    16.	Neon Green
    17.	Kelly Green
    18.	Moss Green
    19.	Mint
    20.	Turquoise
    21.	Tarheel Blue
    22.	Royal Blue
    23.	Navy
    24.	Lilac
    25.	Acid Purple
    26.	Blood Diamonds
    27.	Charcoal Diamonds
    28.	Silver Diamonds
    29.	Goldenrod Diamonds
    30.	Silver and Black Stripes
    31.	Neon Green and Black Stripes
    32.	Jetstream
    33.	Moon Struck
    34.	Flim Flam
    35.	Dark Stripes
    36.	Light Stripes
    37.	Lightning
    38.	Burgundiva
    39.	Lovespell
    40.	Aloha
    41.	Baby Shower
    42.	Birthday Cake
    43.	Blue Shock
    44.	Mardi Gras
    45.	Jamaican
    46.	Biosludge
    47.	Woodland Camo
    48.	Black Widow
    49.	Captain America
    50.	Uncle Sam
    51.	Reflective Coyote Brown
    52.	Reflective Burgundy
    53.	Reflective Yellow
    54.	Reflective Kelly Green
    55.	Reflective Neon Green
    56.	Reflective Navy
    57.	Reflective Purple
    58.	Glow-in-the-Dark White
    We frequently add new paracord colors and patterns, so if you have an idea in mind, please let me know and I will do my best to make your dream a reality!